Vendor network Reward

For this large-scale, national operation, a dedicated website was developed and set up to manage registrations and seat quotas in the various departure cities, without forgetting to collect information on participants (contact details, travel arrangements, allergies, dietary requirements, etc.), copies of identity documents, photos for the trombinoscope, registrations for optional excursions, etc. (compliance with the GDPR). The website, via a personal "Login", also allowed each participant to consult the total points accumulated during the challenge, which were updated monthly, in order to maintain motivation, as well as their personal travel details (airport convocation, travel diary, hotel, formalities, practical information, etc.). For the advertiser, the site represented a great showcase for its operation, but also the possibility of updating the contact details of its partners, while communicating regularly with them via newsletters.


8 days / 7 nights

900 participants

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