Internal Award for an international company

For this edition, we headed to Laos where we had to take up the challenge of carrying out an operation for a large group, which had never been done before in this country, without forgetting to communicate on the brand via the presence of the signage. A specific graphic charter for this operation was put in place, and then applied to the signage present on the trip: welcome banners at the hotels as well as on the activities, flags with masts, banners, pennants on the means of transport (vans, boats, tuk-tuk...), garlands, displays, roll-ups, kakemonos, photocalls... At the same time, the brand name was also applied to the goodies: fans, pocket ashtrays, caps, metal water bottles (to be filled on bottles to avoid plastic bottles... Let's be Green! ), QR code badges for certain activities, bandanas, individual personalised T-shirts, towels, conical hats, scarves for the "baci" ceremony ....

As for the rest of the trip, it went well... With Luang Prabang, climbing Mount Phou Sy, night market, city tour in tuk-tuk with QR Code format, traditional handicraft workshops, street food dinner, morning ceremony of offering to the monks, photo contest, cruise on the Mekong river towards the Pak Ou caves, traditional Hmong activities on sandbanks, petanque tournament, country lunch and swimming at the Kuang si waterfalls, pool party, local market and cocktail making workshop, dinner with a Lao boxing demonstration. Finally, Vientiane was discovered during a "Mekong Express" with a list of challenges to be taken up, followed by unusual activities on a sandbank before a gala evening in an unusual and vintage place, animated by artists from the national circus, hip-hop dancers, a live band and a DJ for a "silent party" equipped with headphones...


9 days / 6 nights

200 participants

Other achievements for to communicate