Our business

Incentive travels

Reward and motivation travels

Personalise the reception and bring you exclusivity.
Know your pace and find the right balance.
Connect people and create moments of collective emotion.
Favour real opportunities of intimacy and exchange.
Enhance fidelity among your teams or clients.

Maman L'agence
Maman L'agence

Learning expeditions

Business trips, Economic missions, Benchmarking

Optimising logistics (transport, accommodation, access to sites).
Facilitate contacts with professional networks.
Supporting the opening up to the local economic culture.
Decipher trends and identify opportunities through différences.
Discover innovative companies and meet inspiring personalities.


Seminars, Team-building, Conventions

Offer you the venue creating perspectives.
Scripting, coordinating and implementing.
Gathering and sharing experiences.
Discovering news potential.
Unite and strengthen the sense of belonging.

Maman L'agence
Maman L'agence


Graphic design and visual identity,
Multimedia editing (website, mobile application, video),
Database management, Mailing

Creating an identity.
Collecting, managing and distributing information.
Capturing attention and creating desire.
Making the event resonate berfore, during and after.
Mesuring performance and reaping the benefits.

Tailor-made trip

In family, in tribe,
A la carte tours,
Exceptional stays

Listen, understand, imagine and surprise.
Rely on our expertise and our exclusive and confidential address book.
Rethink your desires, rediscover the art of travelling and make your journey meaningful.
Share a unique experience and enhance your family or friendly event.

Maman L'agence