Sales Internal Reward

This trip was accompanied from France by a cameraman who made a video of the trip, in order to mark the event, leave an unforgettable memory for the participants, and communicate at the end within the company in order to motivate the teams for the next challenge.

The Indian Ocean, the sea, the lagoon, the sand and the light, the discovery and the rest... The setting and the themes were revealed for these sales representatives who had performed well. Starting from the Heritage Telfair Gold & Spa resort 5*, and its "all inclusive" formula, our participants took full advantage of their stay: massages at the spa, rally in the wild south, black rock cliffs, discovery of Chamarel, land of colours and waterfalls, big game fishing, cooking workshop, nautical activities, and a closing dinner in a beach club with animations, prize giving and festive evening. You don't have to tell them to smile when they are filmed... Cut! It's in the box!


8 days / 5 nights

60 participants

Other achievements for to communicate