Consultancy Seminar

A double event for this world leader in engineering, which decided to gather its troops for its annual seminar, while celebrating the company's 25th anniversary. For this, we selected the magical and historic setting of the Château de Chantilly. After having transported the teams from the 4 corners of France, and having split them up in 3 hotels, the event could start... Magisterial plenary meeting themed "Grand Prix de Diane" with matching dress-code of the participants, under the majestic dome of the large 28m high stables, followed by a renowned equestrian show, all in voltige and poetry. Then, our 4 hunting horn sounders announced the passage to the table for a prestigious candlelit dinner in the discipline gallery, followed by an evening with an internationally renowned DJ. The following day, the meeting was held on the Canal Le Nôtre with the château in the background for a competition raced on dragon boats, by crews of 17 people, united behind the dragon's head, and rowing in unison to the sound of the drum, under the impartial eye of the video-timing cameras.

A rustic and bucolic lunch on the hippodrome's lawn closed this event placed under the sign of the "crème de la crème", in Chantilly!


2 days / 1 night

450 participants

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