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One of the joys of our business is the ability to surprise participants with the choice of destination. Oman, with its discretion, its welcoming people and its unique landscapes, is this sought-after place. The participants appreciated this surprise from the very first day with a 4x4 ride up the Jebel Akhdar massif and a first night at the Alila Hotel with its incredible panoramas. After a visit to the village of Nizwa, we continue to the Wahiba desert and its endless dune landscapes. "Dune bashing" session and cocktail at sunset before a dinner under the stars and a memorable night under tents. The next day, the participants discovered another treasure of the sultanate: the famous "wadis", narrow mountain gorges dug by a torrent which offers a perfect setting for a refreshing swim and a private lunch under the date palms. To close the programme, we headed for the seaside and the Shangri-La with a cruise to meet the dolphins and a gala evening in the magical setting of Turtle Beach.


7 days / 5 nights

60 participants

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